What should you know Before Buying a CCTV Camera?

There can be no compromises in matters of security. The Delhi Government’s decision to install 1.4 lakh CCTV cameras across the city last summer stands out as an example. It was done with to make public spaces safer for women. Besides, by providing subsidized electricity for CCTV camera power consumption, the Government further attracted homeowners to install CCTVs.

CCTV cameras help reduce crime, make spaces safer for women, and promote responsible citizenry. They are no less impactful in ensuring safer homes, more secure office spaces and more productive industrial setups. Besides improving life in the city, CCTV cameras are transforming home security, office work culture, and driving habits. There is little doubt that there is a rush for CCTV installation.

Several CCTV camera manufacturing companies are striving to have a piece of the cake in heightened demand. Amidst a flood of CCTV camera brands and models, it’s smarter to begin by glancing at CCTV types.

What are the different Surveillance Cameras available with CCTV Dealers?

CCTV cameras are designed purpose specific. You can choose one of the following from CCTV Camera dealers in Delhi:

  1. Dome Type

It is the most popular CCTV designs. It is also the most basic. Meant to hide which way the camera is directed, Dome CCTV is easy in installation, tough to break and compact. There are internal and external Dome type CCTV cameras. It is very difficult to locate the lens in the external dome types. They are used for both indoor and outdoor security. They are ideal for shops and offices.

  1. Bullet Type

These are cylindrical cameras for long-distance capturing in the outdoors. They are easy to install and offer a better picture quality than Dome types and are weatherproof.

  1. C-Mount Type

They are suited to indoor purposes with a reach greater than the Dome types. However, their main quality is that they have detachable lenses. They are not suited to all surveillance scenarios owing to their size. They are easily recognizable by the onlookers. Most importantly, they can provide high a zooming range without losing focus. They are often used with varifocal lens.

  1. PTZ Type

PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom. In their outward design, they resemble Dome type. They allow for panning (right-left) and tilting (upwards-downwards) and zooming in or out. They are usually installed for situations that involve a sudden change in the field-of-view and target area. Camera operators need to back the camera 24 hours to take their full advantage.

  1. Day-Night Type

One of the most popular round-the-clock surveillance CCTVs. They are best suited for scenarios with poor lighting. They are built to handle a variety of lighting scenarios and are embedded with extra-sensitive imaging chip. They can offer both colored and black & white recordings.

  1. Discreet CCTV

These are Stealth or Covert CCTV cameras. They can be fixed and propped in disguise on various objects. Onlookers will be unaware of their presence. They are built for indoor purposes.

  1. Thermal Image or Infrared Type

These cameras allow recording even in absolute dark. Infrared LEDs are embedded on the sides of the lens for it. Be it objects moving in dark or looking through the obstructions, there is no match for Infrared CCTVs. They are used outdoors in large-scale setups such as seaports, industrial plants and airports etc.

These are main CCTV types based on functions and purpose. The list does not end here. There are a number of newer innovations such as High-Definition cameras, Wifi CCTVs, Network CCTVs and Varifocal varieties. It is the range of purpose, functionality, and latest technology offered that separates best CCTV camera dealers from the rest.

Before you start Contacting CCTV Suppliers in your Area…

 It is not a good idea to start as amateurs while discussing your video surveillance need with CCTV suppliers. To make thing easier for you, below is the list of specifications you should enquire about.

  • Field-of-Vision (FOV)

This is the width and height of coverage that the camera offers. In the advanced models, the FOV can be adjusted by changing the focus or lens.

  • Night Surveillance

What is the quality and clarity of coverage in scant light or absolute darkness? That is a very important point of discussion while choosing 24X7 CCTVs.

  • Lens Specifications

Much would depend upon the quality, focal length and range of the lens. There are different lenses depending upon purposes. Your CCTV supplier would guide you to buying the cameras with right lens/lenses.

  • Image Quality

The video resolution of CCTV cameras ranges from D1 (720X480 pixels) to 12MP or 4K. You would again need to consult with the dealer to find the optimum resolution camera suited to your purpose.

  • Connectivity, Recording and Monitor

CCTV cameras are connected to the recorders. The connectivity can be wired or wireless. Wifi cameras are obviously more expensive, but you can access the recording or live coverage sitting anywhere.

The storage limit of recording decides the loop-time. The camera hard-disk cannot go on storing. After a period of time, it will begin to replace the older recording with new ones.

The size of the monitor decides the detail (resolution) and size of the received images.

  • Sensors

CCTV cameras may come with two types of sensors, CMOS and CCD. Complementary Metaloxide Semiconductor (CMOS) sensors offer better color and frame rate. Charged Couple Device (CCD) sensors work well even in low light. They are immune to vibrations and offer greater resolution and clarity. Sensors come with cameras with resolution 1,080p to 12 MP.

Contact a reliable CCTV supplier for Latest Technology

Whether yours’ is a regular everyday surveillance need or critical security requirement, you cannot be lax about security. Those out to breach security improve their tricks keeping in view the CCTV technology. CCTV companies keep coming with new technologies to help you deal with emerging surveillance challenges. Consult reliable CCTV Camera dealers in Delhi for the latest CCTV technology. Prevention is better than cure in matters of security too!

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