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Vertex Standard Walkie Talkie

Vertex Walkie Talkie are robust and performance driven two-way radios. Additionally, Vertex Standard is a walkie talkie manufacturing company which focuses on assisting firms in communicating.

Their motto is:

“Connect Without Compromise”

And they live up to their motto by facilitating two-way communication with their Vertex Walkie Talkie.

Vertex Standard Walky Talky are manufacturing walkie talkies for last 6 decades. They provide walky talky to customers all around the world.

Vertex Walkie Talkies are packed with powerful features like:

  • compact design,
  • reliable operation,
  • robust built, and
  • technology parallel.

Vertex Standard Walkie Talkie Dealers

Just like Vertex Standard, our walkie talkie dealers are also motivated towards achieving the number 1 goal. And i.e. to gain maximum customer/client satisfaction. For this reason we even offer walkie talkie rent or hire to our clients for instant usage.

Vertex Standard walkie talkie come into use by almost all industry verticals. Some to mention are:

Public Safety












Why Vertex Standard Walky Talky?

Because all the walkie talkies from Vertex Standard meets the crucial and significant national or regional standards. Moreover, some chosen walkie talkies have cleared the IP-57 submersible ratings. And are marked essentially safe for dangerous environments.

Additionally walkie talkies from Vertex Standard provide:

  • crisp clear audio,
  • enhanced coverage, and
  • increased privacy without high walky talky price.

Why Max Telecom?

Because we are genuine dealers of Vertex Standard walkie talkie in Delhi NCR. We keep analog as well as digital walkie talkie from only original manufacturers.

Our walkie talkie price has no comparison. Moreover, our staff has experience with leading walky talky to suggest you with the best solution. We have experience working with almost all industries. Therefore, we can advise the best walkie talkie as per your requirement.

Apart from Vertex Standard we also provide Motorola Walkie Talkie, Kenwood Walkie Talkie, ICOM Walkie Talkie and Licence Free Walkie Talkie.

Buy Vertex Walkie Talkie at best price with best quality!