Top reasons to choose Two-way Radios over Cellphones

Not convinced to buy walkie talkie for your organization? Here are some of the top reasons for you to choose a two-way radio over cellphone for your business requirement.

Reasons to buy walkie talkie over mobile phones

Complete ownership in less cost

Two-way radios are much cheaper in comparison to cell phones. Particularly because a decent smartphone handset is available in market for purchase at Rs 7000 or more. And then the operational cost adds up to the figure which includes calling charges, roaming charges etc.

But, with walkie talkies there is no complication of regular monthly fees, renewal of service contracts, roaming charges, or charges per minutes for a call. Apart from this the team members in your organization can share a walky talky among themselves. Thereby cutting the extra cost of issuing one handset per employee.

Better Radio Fleet Management

Another advantage of using walky talky over a cellphone is that the former provides a better fleet management that mobile phones. To explain further, you can limit the usage of a two-way radio to a particular system use. The users of a walkie talkie cannot use the radio system for their personal calls.

This way you get all the information about who is using your two-way radio. Also you can make your business conversations more secure by using the digital encryption feature of Motorola walkie talkie and Kenwood walkie talkie. Moreover by using encrypted conversations you can remove the risk of critical information being misused by unofficial users.

More Robust Handset

Cell phones are not made of high quality material which can survive if dropped. On the other hand, a walkie talkie is built as per military standards, hence are very durable in built. Walkie Talkie Motorola are built as per US military standards which means they have the ability to resist dust, fog, humidity, impact, vibration, extreme temperatures, and water intrusion.

Instant Connectivity

The main advantage of using two-way radios over cellphones is that walkie talkies offer instant connectivity that too with just the press of a button. This is a very important feature particularly in emergency or hazardous situations where message should be sent without any delay.

While walkie talkies connect instantly, mobiles take time to first dial, and then connect with the required person. Also, the connectivity of Cell phones is dependent on the availability of network on both the ends.

Purpose-Built System

Walkie talkies were built for a special purpose that is short-term and quick communications. You don’t need to waste time dialing –¬†just push to talk! If a member of your team is working at a remote location then he can stay connected with other members of the team with a walky talky.


Usage of walkie talkie for instant communication is more preferred than cell phones. It sets up communication with just a push of a button and is not dependent on network availability.

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