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Your work requirements need you to stay in regular touch with the people on the other end. This work can consume delivery of items, coordination with cab drivers, or any other job needing two-way communication. Hence you will need woki toki which are cost effective and at the same time are easy to operate.

The best solution to these two-way communication requirements is – MOTOTRBO XiR M3188. This robust two-way radio is free to be used as either analog or digital mobile radios.  The main USP of this Motorola walkie talkie is that it comes loaded with the top-notch technology. i.e. – from crisp clear audio to wide range coverage.

Features of MOTOTRBO XIR M3188 Mobile Radio

  • Analogue / Digital
  • Voice Communications
  • Cribbed Text Message
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Transmit Interrupt (decode only)
  • Voice Announcement
  • Numeric Display (XiR M3188)
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standards Compliant
  • IP54 Rated


  • Radio Management Suite

Connect With Your Teams Quickly, Easily And Smoothly

MOTOTRBO XiR M3188  mobile radio is the best when it comes to engaging in two way communication. The best part of this Motorola walky talky is that  it connects your staff or people in a trusted and economical manner.

Therefore, it becomes easy for them to contact, connect and collaborate with each other for fast work modes. You can deliver items or transit customers, this walky talky makes the job done faster and easier.

The easy-to-use design and perfect sound quality, of MOTOTRBO XIR M3188 allows your  teams to work more smoothly.

Stay Connected And On Track

If you are using MOTOTRBO XIR M3188 mobile radio for pick and drop of your kids through a driver. Or if you run an eCommerce company and a delivery boy is out for the delivery of some product then this two-way radio can be very helpful in a scenario where they have difficulty locating the address. Or if any other important message needs to be sent while driving.

All that the person needs to do is make a call using his XiR M3188 mobile radio device to the point of contact on the other hand. With the use of visor microphone and steering wheel-mounted push-to-talk button he can talk safely while driving. Moreover due to the digital noise cancelling software you can hear the voice with clarity. And hence he can return to his work without any delay.

Communicate Without Disturbing Them

The XIR M3188 walkie talkie comes in use specially for the daily drivers. And allows the owners to connect with their teams without driving their attention from road. So it maintains the efficiency, and the safety at the same time.

Integrate Your Devices Flawlessly

Make sure your that when you buy your MOTOTRBO two-way radios they are ready to operate just when you are. Our woki toki shop in Delhi can help you attune MOTOTRBO mobile radios into your business, in a hassle-free and economic manner.

Get Durability That Endures

The XiR M3188 is a very robust model of Motorola walkie talkies. They come with a two-year warranty along with one-year warranty for the original accessories from Motorola.

They are rated IP54 (water proof, nearly dust proof). Therefore, they are an optimum communication solution for usage in harsh work environments. Moreover, the design passed the Motorola’s grueling Accelerated Life Test program, where the walkies must pass an artificial program of 5 years of hard service before they are approved for quality. Hence, you can be assured of the stability of your XiR M3188 walkie talkie.

General Specifications


  • VHF:- 136-174 MHz
  • UHF:- 403-438 MHz / 403-470 MHz

Channel Capacity

  • 16

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