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MOTOROLA XIRP 8600 is an all-rounder walkie talkie Motorola. Its functionality starts right from a complex factory to repair and maintenance crew on the roads. MOTOTRBO radio is engineered to ease the operations of your firm and make team coordination smoother and safer. Our top notch audio quality and unmatched data competences enable people to connect like never before.

MOTOTRBO comes loaded with the power of best two-way radio functionality along with operating on the latest digital technology. It is very adaptable and powerful in functioning. Moreover, it integrates voice and data features in a flawless manner. For this reason it comes with added advantages of integrated Bluetooth and Intelligent Audio. So as to facilitate walky talky usage.

Features of MOTOROLA XIRP 8600

Audio Exceeds Expectations

This Motorola walky talky comes with Digital audio quality, therefore the sound output is unbeatable. It supports your two-way connection with digital audio functions throughout the coverage area of a user. Additionally, it also helps work-force to hear and speak clearly, whenever and wherever it is required.

Business-Leading Data

MOTOROLA XIRP 8600 radios have incorporated Bluetooth® data. And this enables the busy work teams to send real time data. As opposed to awaiting the shift time to end. Hence, the crew can send important information to office without wasting any time to enable enhanced decision making.

Power-driven Performance

MOTOTRBO has integrated TDMA digital technology. Hence, the users get double calling capacity and flawless voice communications. The battery performance of MOTOTRBO walkies function up to 40 percent more between recharges when compared to analog.

Great Functionality

XiR P8600 walkie talkie comes with many features sought by various companies. For example, it has improved call signaling, simple and improved privacy-scrambling, option board scalability and the transmit intersect suite to arrange important communication the second you require it.

Extended Capability And Coverage

IP Site Connect helps to radically expand customer service and efficiency by means of the Internet to spread coverage to generate a wide area network, increase single site coverage or link physically detached sites.

Digital And Analog

The most challenging task during a shift in communications systems is the necessity of maintaining smooth operational flow. And with MTOROLA XIRP 8600 walky talky it is quite simple to change to digital mode because they work in both analog and digital mode.

Robust Body

This Motorola walkie talkie passes some of most the crucial standards like, IP57 for water submersibility and U.S. Military standards for extraordinary robustness.

Intrinsically Safe

The two-way radio is also “fundamentally safe” when bought and fitted out with a safe (FM) battery, for usage in surroundings where flammable gas, vapors or explosive dust exists.

Run smooth business operations with business applications:

Location tracking

Observe the locations of your traveling workers so they can respond instantly,
in an emergency situation.

Integrated Bluetooth

So as to share the data in a wireless format, that too instantly between devices.

Dispatch Consoles

For streamlined communications.

Email Gateways

Connect with your email servers right from your walky talky.

Network Monitoring

To make the most of system application.

Man-Down Applications

So walkie talkies can call for help in situations where workers can’t.


For exchange of messages between walkies and landline or mobile phones

Text Messaging

For instant and restrained communication.

Work Order Tickets

For rapid customer response.

General Specifications

DISPLAY XiR P8668/P8660/P8628/P8620 – VHF/UHF

  • Channel Capacity:- 1000
  • Frequency:- 136-174 MHz – 403-527 MHz


  • Channel Capacity:- 32
  • Frequency:- 136-174 MHz – 403-527 MHz


Average Battery Life:- 5/5/90 duty cycle with carrier squelch and transmitter in high power²


Accuracy specs are for long-term tracking (95th percentile values>5 satellites visible at nominal -130 dBm signal strength)


  • Version:- Supports Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR Specification
  • Range:- Class 2, 10 meters


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