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Wide array of Motorola walkie talkie models to choose from as per your requirement. You can also take these on rent if you have the usage for a limited time.


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Did you know;

The first formal device to be functional as a “walkie-talkie” was created  by the US military in World War II, the backpacked Motorola SCR-300. Galvin Manufacturing Company, a predecessor of Motorola, developed walkie talkie in 1940.

Hence, it is not wrong to call Motorola as the Father of Walkie Talkies. Furthermore, the range, quality, and functionality of Motorola two-way radio handsets has no match and no comparison.

Walky talky Motorola is the first name to come to mind in places which need portable radio communications. This may include; businesses, public safety buildings, military operations, recreational activities, and the like.

As authorized Motorola walky talky suppliers we supply handsets at varied price range, i.e.

from low-priced analog walkie talkies majorly sold as toys; to robust(waterproof or essentially safe) analog and digital handsets for use on ships or in heavy industries.

Why Motorola Walkie Talkie?

Because Motorola works each minute towards their motive:

Innovating each moment.

Hence, as authorized Motorola walky talky India dealers we too work towards building safer cities and flourishing businesses.

Motorola walkies are directed to keep functional workers connected to each other with actual time voice communication. Moreover, Motorola never misses it’s purpose of “Helping people to be their best in the moments that matter.

Therefore, as leading walkie talkie dealers from Motorola, Max Telecom only supplies genuine handsets.

Authorized Dealers of Motorola walky talky

Max Telecom is one of the best and authorized Motorola walky talky suppliers in Delhi. It is the output of our team’s efforts that we earned the authorized badge.

Therefore, we continually work to keep up the good work by delivering only the best, quality marked walkie talkies from Motorola. Customers have the option to buy or hire or rent a walkie talkie from us. Moreover, the quality and price of our walky talky firm out-beats the competitors.

Industries We Cater to

Although Motorola walkie talkies are made such that they are suitable to all industries of all scales and sizes. But, a few to mention here are:

Malls and Multiplexes

Now a days Malls are the most crowded places of a city. Therefore it becomes extremely important to use Motorola Walkie Talkie to co-ordinate with multiple teams to manage safety or any difficult situation easily.


This is one industry which needs safety measures at point throughout the clock. Therefore walkie talkie dealers trust Motorola walky talky in India to ensure safe and smooth operations.

Manufacturing & Processing

Motorola walky talky suppliers trust the former due to their robust handset and ease in functioning. Motorola walkie talkie dealers trust it because this industry requires extreme coordination between team leaders of various departments.


Mining requires extraction of valuable minerals from the earth. Therefore the signal strength of walkie talkie in use has to be exceptionally good. Motorola walkies are the best suited in such environments.

Construction & Real-Estate

Coordinating with the labors’ team leaders indoor and outdoor is extremely crucial for this industry. Therefore walky talky dealers trust this band for range and ease of operation.


Coordination is of key importance in the hotel industry. Woki Toki Dealers suggest hotel security heads to go with Motorola for top notch service and functionality.

Buy Motorola Walkie Talkie at best price with best quality!