Motorola Walkie Talkie History

Motorola Walkie Talkie

Talk to any of the Walky talky suppliers, and ask them about their preferred brand of walkie talkies. The answer you will get is – Motorola walkie talkie. This is exactly how popular this brand is over it’s competitors like Kenwood Walkie Talkie, Vertex Walkie Talkie, ICOM walkie talkie.

Motorola is one brand which is loved by all walkie talkie dealers and their customers worldwide. It is committed to deliver excellence and innovation in all their communications and electronics products.

In fact Motorola has added many feathers to its hat in its 85-plus year work-line. Additionally, they established portable communications system in the 1930s through car radios and public safety networks.

In addition to this, Motorola is the company that made the handset that delivered the first words from the moon in 1969. Moreover, Motorola is the first company to initiate a revolution in the communication industry by releasing first  commercial handheld cellular phone.

Motorola walky talky continues to be a superior global industry brand with their excellence in innovation.

Motorola Walkie Talkie History

The company came into existence in the year 1928, with the name Gavlin Manufacturing Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The very first product of this Motorola’s founding company was a 1928 battery eliminator. With the help of this power converter the battery-powered radios could operate on household electricity.

In 1930, the company introduced the first ever car radio. And then, the name Motorola was given by combining two words.

Motor (representing car)+Victrola (meaning sound) = Motorola

But, officially the name Motorola was assigned in the year 1947. The car radios were originally only available to the US Police. Further, from this point they innovated and invented the two-way radio communication device.

First Motorola Walkie Talkie - SCR300 | Motorola Walkie Talkie HistoryThen in 1940, Motorola introduced the first ever official walkie-talkie, the SCR-300.

In the World War II, the US War Department reached out to Motorola to develop a movable unit for foot soldiers. Therefore, Motorola designed a backpack solution for portable communication between units.

Then approximately one year later, in 1951, Motorola manufactured Handie-Talkie. These were advanced version of the earlier walkie talkie and hence became a trademark of Motorola.

Motorola LogoThe logo of Motorola was framed in 1955 by a designer – Zeke Ziner. The meaningful M insignia or “emsignia” logo comprising of two triangles represents the progressive, superior-oriented approach of the company.

In fact the first pager was also developed by Motorola in the year 1956. This Handie-Talkie radio pager was used by the NY Doctors in the range of 40 kms. Then later in the year 1990, the company launched the first two-way pager – the Tango. Through Tango, the users were able to send and receive text messages.

Moreover, it was a proud moment for the company when Neil Armstrong said “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. Because these words were said on a Motorola radio transponder.

Motorola marked its name in history yet again in the year 1983. This was when the FCC approved its first ever commercial cell phone – the DynaTAC 8000X.

Dr Martin Cooper with DynaTAC 8000XHere is a picture of Dr. Martin Cooper, the inventor and then Vice President of Motorola, with DynaTAC 8000X.

In 1999, Motorola once again engraved its name in the history by introducing world’s first smartphone with online browsing and email functionalities, the iDEN i1000 plus.

This mobile was the first in the market to merge the features of

  • a digital phone,
  • two-way radio,
  • alphanumeric pager,
  • web browser,
  • email,
  • fax and
  • two-way messaging.


Motorola walkie talkie history is supported by the heavy name it is associated with. Motorola continues to add awards and recognition with its inventing gene.

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