Motorola Solutions unveils a new smart walkie talkie – APX NEXT

Smartphones are very much in use in today’s generation of communication. But, it cannot be relied upon particularly in stressed situations for two-way communication. For instance, when a region gets hit my natural calamities like tsunami, quake etc., then cell phone network towers get affected too. Hence, no connectivity via smartphones.

This is the reason why the first responders like police, firemen etc., till date rely on two-way radios so that they can get informed about the situation fast, and can act on it. Also, the people suffering in stressful situations need smart devices to communicate, so that they can deliver their problem without losing focus.

For this Motorola Walkie Talkie have built a new smart radio for public safety – APX NEXT. Let’s know more about it below.

Motorola Solutions’ APX NEXT Smart Radio With New Intelligence and Technology For Public Safety

APX NEXT allows one-touch access to users for managing radio controls. It also offers large touch targets and an optimized user interface to facilitate fast navigation. The most appealing aspect of the touchscreen is that it can be used in the rain and also when wearing you have your gloves on.

APX NEXT, smart walkie talkie by Motorola Solutions

                                                                         image: Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions launched APX NEXT™, which is a gen X mission-critical Project 25 (P25) public safety walkie talkie with LTE for improved communications and data-centric application services.

APX NEXT uses, ViQi™, which is a public safety virtual assistant technology that gives important information to first responders in the field (like firemen, police). With this technology the smart walkie talkie users can also operate APX NEXT using voice control.

Basically, APX NEXT and ViQi allows first responders to focus on surroundings, while getting the critical information they require to help protect a community.

APX NEXT is Motorola Solutions’ first APX walky talky having a touchscreen, loaded with a user interface crafted particularly for public safety. The touch screenof the Motorola Walky Talky is so perfect that it works absolutely fine in rain or when you are wearing gloves.

It also provides users with one-touch access for the smart radio controls, big touch targets and an advance user interface for quick navigation. ViQi voice control allows users to swiftly handle radio controls with easy voice commands.


This new walkie talkie employs LMRS(Land Mobile Radio System) for vital voice communications and LTE band to control new application services including:

  • ViQi: With this Virtual Assistant, safety personnel  can get information from distant databases using natural language communication, for instance “ViQi, give me vehicle identification number.”
  • SmartConnect: APX NEXT automatically discovers a low LMR and switches to LTE broadband connectivity making sure the continuity of PTT voice communications is maintained. It further switches back to LMR when the signal’s strength returns, without any user interference.
  • SmartLocate: A first responder’s location information is automatically sent over broadband to a dispatcher, providing him with fast and accurate location information.
  • SmartProgramming: The two-way radio’s software can be quickly updated over broadband, even when its in use. This means less visits to radio shops and more productive time for operations.

Clearly the APX NEXT is a next generation smart walkie talkie by the leaders in the industry, and we hope it works just as expected to ensure efficient public safety.