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TK-7360H/8360H VHF/UHF

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TK-7360/8360H VHF/UHF – the Kenwood walkie talkie comes with extra bandwidth range so as to cover maximum number of channels as per your firm’s requirement. The walkie talkie has a user-friendly front console to support a bright backlit 10-character display to present clear information which includes messages, caller identification, GPS location and radio channel information day or night.

By the help of the 10 programmable function keys fleet mobiles can be made to fit the requirements of different users and operational departments.

Features of TK-7360H/8360H VHF/UHF

128 Channel and Zone Capacity

No matter how big your organization is this walky talky Kenwood can support even the largest of operations with its 128 Channel and 128 Zone capacities. All these channels are very smartly arranged under districts, regions, departments and work groups. Another important consideration here is that it requires no training to use it, hence you can use it immediately.

Superb Audio

Kenwood is a well known manufacturer of audio and communications electronics around the world. It has the best expertise to offer superior audio performance that is very clear and crisp.

Installation Interfaces

Like all the other Kenwood walkie talkies you can interface this one also into any type vehicular or fixed station installation. The DB15 interface provides features including Ignition Sense (automatic power on/off with ignition key), External Switch (for light bars, equipment, etc.) and Horn Alert (alerts extravehicular workers of incoming calls with horn or lights). The optional KCT-60M cable provides other interfaces including data I/O’s for equipment such as hardened GPS installations and vehicle engine sensors.

Power Control

The transmit power is PC programmable per channel (5, 25 or 45/50 Watts) to comply with any licensing or system design requirements.


The 10 programmable function keys permit simple or advance customization of the front panel controls for both fixed control stations and vehicular installations. Typical functions such as channel scan, channel monitor and talk around, and specialty functions such as selective call, emergency, GPS Send, messaging are all instantly accessible and display indicated.

Short Text Messaging

The Fleet Sync® Status Messaging permits sending/receiving canned text messages conserving airtime and simplifying repetitive routine communications. Designated messages can trigger external devices as a gate, lock or valve for remote control applications.

Color Safety

Transmit, receive and selective call alerts are indicated with a standard tri-color LED (red, green, amber). The blue LED can be programmed to get the users attention of an incoming priority voice call or important selective call alert. While driving, peripheral vision safely catches the call even if the volume is turned down.


GPS options transmit accurate vehicle location, heading and speed information to your dispatch centers for fleet tracking, best routing and employee safety.

Voice Storage & Guide

The VGS-1 option provides zone/channel number announcement for ‘‘no look’’ zone/channel changes. Drivers can playback missed voice calls upon returning to the vehicle eliminating lost time and revenue. GPS data can be stored for management post review in the event communications was impaired or a mapping system was not generally used.

All System Signalling

Fleet Sync®

Kenwood’s FleetSync® digital suite provides built-in programmable PTT ID, Caller ID Display, Short /Long Text Messaging, canned Status Messaging, Emergency, Radio Check, Stun/Revive, Selective Calling, Remote Control and GPS AVL capabilities for efficient managed dispatch operations and remote control applications. FleetSync® is available across the Kenwood product line so your organization can utilize it on all tier radios. FleetSync® compatible dispatch and AVL products are available from a multitude of manufacturers.


In addition to FleetSync®, the TK-7360/8360 is compatible with communications systems utilizing the MDC-1200 format and include PTT ID, Caller ID Display, Radio Stun/Revive, Radio Check and Emergency.


For hazardous and hostile-duty environments an emergency alert can be sent to the dispatcher or other group members in FleetSync®, MDC-1200 or DTMF formats.

QT/DQT, DTMF & Two-Tone

The QT/DQT sub-audible toned/coded squelch eliminates annoying and confusing voice chatter from other talk groups. DTMF encode/decode provides PTT identification, telephone calling, selective call alerting and remote control.
Two-tone encode/decode is also provided for legacy fire alerting and remote door applications.

More Features

  • Multiple Scan Functions
  • Priority Scan
  • Scan Del/Add
  • BCL (Busy Channel Lockout)
  • Talk Around
  • Time-out Timer
  • Companded Audio (per CH / narrow & wide)
  • Voice Inversion Scrambler (per CH)*1
  • Minimum Volume
  • Operator Selectable Tone
  • Horn Alert Function
  • Password Protection
  • Embedded Message
  • 8 Programmable Accessory Ports
  • Kenwood ESN (Electronic Serial Number)
  • Microphone Gain Adjust (High/Normal/Low)
  • Microsoft Windows® PC Programming & Tuning

General Specifications

Frequency Range


  • Type 1:- 136~174 MHz


  • Type 1:- 450~520 MHz
  • Type 2:- 400~470 MHz

Number of Channels

  • Zone:- Max.128 per Radio
  • Channel:- Max.128 per Zone

International Protection Standard

  • Dust & Water Protection:- IP54: Radio itself

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