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ICOM Walkie Talkie

ICOM walkie talkie is manufactured by Icom Inc. It is a deep rooted international manufacturer, established in 1954 by Tokuzo Inoue. It was initially called as “Inoue”. And it engages in manufacturing of transmitting and receiving devices, i.e. walkie talkie.

Apart from manufacturing walky talky ICOM also develops products for

  • radio enthusiasts,
  • pilots,
  • nautical applications,
  • land mobile business applications and
  • radio scanner professionals.

ICOM Walkie Talkie Dealers in Delhi NCR

Max Telecom is a dominant name among other ICOM walky talky dealers in Delhi NCR. Our experience of 7 years add to the many reasons to choose us as your preferred walkie talkie dealer in Delhi NCR.

Moreover, our staff is trained and experienced with ICOM walkie talkie and its usage.

In addition to this, our prices are very reasonable without compromising on the quality of the two-way radio.

Why Choose Us As Your ICOM Walky Talky Dealer?

Because Max Telecom’s mission shifts towards developing a hassle free two-way communication zone. For this reason, we are continually making efforts to perfect our services with every passing minute.

We not only provide you service with sales, but also  provide after after sales support. So as to help you with any difficulty.

Moreover, we keep a collection of walkie talkie from mostly all the leading manufacturing brands in India. This includes:

Why Do You need a Walkie Talkie?

Our clients trust us to be a top walkie talkie dealer in Delhi NCR. And we work very hard to live up to their trust. We often come across a thought from our clients; “Do we actually need a walky talky?”

And we simply answer them;

“if you want to make sure instant two-way communications more coordinated and organized; then definitely yes.”

Therefore, it does not matter if you are a small or a big organization. If you business or otherwise requires you to stay connected and coordinated. hen ICOM Walkie Talkie is what you need.

Buy ICOM Walkie Talkie at best price with best quality!