How to Secure Your Heritage Property?

In the modern world, with the most advance technologies, security does not have to be complicated, messy or a distant element. In fact it is recommended and is surely considered worth the investment. Let’s find out how to secure your heritage property.

There are many people who’d like to live away from the noise of the city, to enjoy the calmness. For this reason most of the heritage properties are found in not-so-crowded locations to maintain the charm of the property.

Although, it may sound very alluring, but it comes with an eye for precaution to burglary.  This is because you may not have many neighbors around you who’d otherwise keep an eye on things around the locality.

Sadly, most of the period and heritage properties use outdated security systems like token – security systems. Criminals see such properties as an easy opportunity with minimal effort.

Advance security solutions for traditional homes

Most of the traditional heritage homes or properties refrain from using a CCTV camera because they think it will ruin the aesthetics of their property.

However, this is nothing but a misconception.

The property owners can very well get security measures installed in their heritage properties which not only provides security from thefts and burglary. But also go well with the aesthetics of your property and its arrangement.

Discover some of the benefits of using a CCTV camera 

Wireless technology is a boon for period properties

If you are skeptical about adding CCTV cameras to your property for the sole reason of it destroying the look of it, then you are blessed to walk in to the wireless technology era.

Not only can you look over your property from distance, but also safeguard it without hindering with the aesthetics. Long gone are the days when you saw wires hanging lose from cameras giving it an ugly look. Nor do you have to conceal the wires and extra fitting which can lead to the damaging of the original features.

Another advantage of wireless technology is that you can have a fully operational security system even if your phone line is dead. Hence, no dependency on telephones like earlier days.

Remote monitoring from your smartphone

The other benefit of modern age security system for heritage properties, is that the property owners can check the security system from anywhere by smartphone or tablet. This way the owners can be rest-assured of the security of their property from remote location also.

Along with this you can also enjoy the ease of automated security function with complete control from remote location. This means with the help of an active internet connection you can:

  • turn on the lights, air conditioning etc.
  • lock or unlock doors,
  • arm and disarm the security system,
  • send alarm to nearest station, and obviously
  • watch live video streams of your property.

Some basic tips to secure your heritage property or building

Of course, even the most cutting-edge security system will not work as expected if you do not set them in the required way. Therefore, it is best advised to take care of the following things to make the most out of it.

  • Ensure that your monitoring system and alarms are always switched on and set to the correct functionality mode at all times.
  • Precaution is better than cure. Hence do not display your valuables, thereby inviting thieves. Better, lock them in a safe when not required.
  • Check and replace the locks of your doors and windows from time to time. This way not only are you ensuring the robustness of the locks. But also making certain that the keys are with only the owners.
  • Finally, do not forget to set an alert option on your alarm system. So that the police or fire safety system gets automatically informed about an attempt of burglary or fire hazard.

Modern security is a necessity for your heritage home, especially if you’re in the remote location. The bottom line is that discreetly styled monitoring system with wireless technology keep your property secure while maintaining the aesthetics.

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