How to boost walkie talkie signal?

Two Way radios or walkie talkies are a great source of hassle-free, uninterrupted and flexible communication for businesses and industries. But, range concerns can limit their utility.

The range of a walky talky can be vary depending on a number of factors which include indoor or outdoor usage, land, and weather conditions. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to get the effective range which a walkie talkie promises. Hence, the signal boosters come into picture to increase the signal strength and range of woki toki.

Factors affecting the range of a walkie-talkie

There are many factors and elements which influence the range of a two-way radio. Here are some significant factors:

  • Battery power of radio
  • Radio antenna system
  • Frequency band
  • External barriers like concrete, metal etc.
  • Neighboring land
  • User location (indoor or outdoor)

All these factors can influence the signal strength in your radio communication. This post highlights the ways to boost the range of your walkie talkie in the most efficient manner.

Stay away from Obstructions

By obstructions here we mean anything which causes signal loss. For instance, metal, buildings, trees and even your body. Therefore, it is best advised to use a radio in open land (preferably elevated) for better signals.

For this reason it is also not recommended to attach the walkie to your waist because the signals get blocked otherwise.

Improve the antenna

Larger antennas can definitely increase the range of a walkie talkie. But it is not always possible t change the antenna altogether because with some walkies it comes as a built-in element, and hence cannot be removed. The reason all leading companies like walkie talkie Motorola keep the antenna small is to maintain the compact look of the radio.

Having said that some models of Kenwood walkie talkie and Motorola walkie talkie come loaded with removable long antennas. This way they enable you to get maximum range.

External Antenna when inside a car

You must have noticed some interference in communication when your walkie talkie is mounted inside a vehicle. This interference is due to metal.

Hence it is recommended to mount an external antenna on the roof or trunk of the vehicle. This way you not only boost the signal range, but also minimize the interference.

Use a Repeater

If your work conditions do not allow you to change your location and your walkie talkie does not permit changing of the antenna. Then you can opt for a radio repeater to boost the range of your two-way radio.

Wondering how?

A repeater receives a radio signal, boosts its power and then re-transmit. Therefore, you will be able to use your walkie talkie over a large area with obstructions like trees, buildings etc.

An example of a radio repeater is the MOTOTRBO SLR 5000 Series Repeater which is a next generation Motorola repeater.

Fully-charged batteries

In scenarios of low signal strength we often jump to big conclusions or big changes. But, the first step should always to be check the battery power. Because failing batteries may be the reason behind weal signal strength.

Hence, it is advised to maintain your two-way radio for best performance.

Looking to increase signal strength of your walkie talkie?

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