Who We Are

Max Telecom is a unit of Max Wireless focusing primarily as walkie talkie dealers and CCTV camera dealers in Delhi.

The company was established on 21.10.2012 with the aim of providing two-way communication devices and security products . We work towards raising the quality bar by working with the leading manufacturers like

We even provide license free walkie talkie so as to provide ready-to-us walkie talkies.

The security products and walkie talkies we provide are not limited to any particular industry. Since we have a huge range of products, therefore we work across all the industries. Some of the industries to mention are:

  • Transport Agencies,
  • Mines,
  • Resorts/Hotels,
  • Constructions Contractors,
  • Hospitals,
  • Security Agencies,
  • Factories,
  • Schools / Colleges,
  • Event organizers etc.


The mission of Max Telecom is to provide qualitative Walkie Talkie and Wireless and Security related products for effective communication, coordination and security.

For this we take an extra step towards shaking hands with only the leading manufacturers of these products. Some of the names to mention here are; Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex, Sony CCTV Camera etc.


As walkie talkie dealers in Delhi we commit to ease the two-way communication in almost all the industries.

Since we all also deal in providing security systems like CCTV cameras in Delhi, we have a vision to secure a premise.