Benefits of using a CCTV

This post focuses on some of the important benefits of using a CCTV at your home or business place.

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) works by transmitting video signals to a single or multiple screen. This way you can monitor the area covered by the CCTV, be it interior or exterior.

In fact the number of CCTV users is increasing even as we speak of it globally. Specifically, the India CCTV Camera market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 26 % in the period from 2016 to 2021 – as per “India CCTV Camera Market Outlook, 2021”.

The use of CCTV security systems is also promoted and encouraged by the Police and Security systems in India. This is because the homeowners and businesses can stay safe and even if a crime happens, they security people can solve and decrease the number of crimes by watching the crime footage.

Benefits of using a CCTV

Apart from the most obvious and most chased  usage of a CCTV, i.e. for monitoring purpose; below are some of the other important benefits of using a CCTV system in 2019.

1. Keep check on criminal activity

This is one of the crucial and most accepted benefit of adding a CCTV system to one’s property. Not only can you monitor the area of your home or business. But also, discourage burglars and trespassers from breaking in to your property.

When an intruder sees a camera he knows it isn’t a good idea for him to break into that property. Hence, the chances of burglary decreases to almost zero with a CCTV.

In fact, reports suggest that by deploying a CCTV camera:

  • in parking areas decreased the crimes by 51%;
  • in public transportation areas decreased the crimes by 23%; and
  • in public properties decreased crimes by 7%.

Another report mentions that 40% of  burglary incidents occur when the owners are not present on their properties. Therefore, install a CCTV camera at high points of entry routes is appreciated to keep crimes at distance.

2. Better home & property insurance rates

Another advantage of using a CCTV camera on your property is that you can decrease your home and property insurance rates.


As explained in point 1, by using cameras you can deter criminal activities. And, by decreasing the criminal activities there are very bright chances of bringing down the insurance rates. The reason behind this is that now since you are not an attractive target for criminal activity, therefore the risk is lowered. Hence, the your insurance fee also decreases.

Additionally if you get victimized by burglary when your property is not secured efficiently. Then your home insurance provider can either raise questions on your claim or refuse to reimburse your losses.could

Apart from this, by having a CCTV camera on your property you also have a proof of the incident to support your insurance case. And, it is always a good idea to have more evidence to support your insurance claim.

3. Stay free of worries

With a CCTV camera on your premises you live with more security, particularly if the crime rate is high in your area.

Moreover, with today’s technology advancement you can keep an eye on your property from your smartphone. This means you can safeguard your property even from distance.

This way you can freely move away from your property and at the same time keep a watch over it for safety purposes.

4. Economical Solution

A CCTV system is a very money-saving solution for security. Just install the camera and you are sorted. It requires zero to minimal servicing or expenses for operations.

Just clean your camera to get a clear view of the surrounding areas, and you are good to go for years.

Get benefited from CCTV Cameras

You need not buy expensive security solutions to protect your property from burglary or theft. Just a simple and cost-efficient CCTV camera is enough to solve your purpose.

Not only is it easy to install, but is also easy to use and very budget friendly. Get a mental freedom for safety of your home or business by using CCTV Camera.

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